Covenants & Indentures

These documents are very large downloads.  If you have a dial up connection you may prefer to request a copy of the documents from Tierra Grande.  If so, please use the "Contact Us" page to make your request.

Protective Covenants
Protective covenants, as provided by the Indenture, blend the use and protect the value of certain properties to the benefit of the purchasing public. Covenants are often encountered in most quality neighborhoods today.

The advantage of Protective Covenants is the placement of particular limitations on real property that will enhance its value and bring together those persons of like interests.

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Amendment to Protective Covenants - 2013

The Indenture, included in the Protective Covenants, is a contract regarding property use in the Tierra Grande subdivision, and is recorded in the appropriate County Clerks' offices. The Indenture defines the structure of and sets forth the guidelines for the Architectural Control Committee, Tierra Grande Association, and the implementation of the protective covenants. Additionally, the Indenture describes the uses and administrative features of the land.

The Indenture has been extended by a majority vote of over 70% the membership.  Thus, the Indenture has been adopted into the Covenants amended in 2013.  The Indentures will continue until such time as a majority of the members vote to amend the covenants to remove the Indenture.  Please see the link above under the Covenants.

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