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Notice of Association

In 2013 the New Mexico Legislature passed into Law an Act relating to real property; providing for the formation and management of associations; providing for disclosure of records; requiring disclosure of association information to purchasers. This Act is often referred to as HOA 497. As a LANDOWNERS Association the Tierra Grande Association, created in 1973, is required to comply with certain sections of Bill 497.

Bill 497 allows association members the right to the following records:

The association can charge a member a "reasonable fee" for copies - or members can come into the office and look over the documents for free.

TGIA was formed by the original developer, Horizon Corporation, to protect the integrity and secure the future of Tierra Grande by: monitoring compliance with and enforcing the Protective Covenants, adopting and publishing rules and regulations governing the use of Tierra Grande property, establish assessments and collecting annual charges and all other charges referred to in the Indentures, and preserving the Open Space.

Articles of Incorporation

The Tierra Grande Association is not a developer, per IRS regulations therefore the Association is limited in making improvements to the community unless it is for the common good. With the monies collected each year we have put over $375,220 into power line extensions, $54,305 in telephone line extensions, $97,000 for our fire station, more than $600,000 into road improvements and maintenance, and almost $500,000 in a land trade with the railroad allowing Tierra Grande to buy out the reversionary clause from Horizon Corporation (Maxim) for the full rights to the Tierra Grande Open Space areas.  TGIA has spent approximately $200,000 on promotions, billboards, the newsletters, CD/DVD, brochures, web site development, clean up, fencing and the like.

The restrictive Covenants which are filed of record with the County Clerk include minimum home square footage of 2,000 roofed square feet, prohitibing mobile, manufacture and modular homes, commercial operations, farm animals i.e. pigs, goats, chickens, etc., with the exception of two horses per five acres, and lot size restrictions. Building plans must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Please contact our office for details. We appreciate compliance with these restrictions. They are in place to help preserve land values and maintain the peaceful quality of life in Tierra Grande. We need every owner’s participation.

The Indenture explains in detail the function of TGIA.

Members receive three (3) newsletters a year which keep them abreast of our activities.

Billing Information
Assessments/Indentures are billed in arrears. Billing statements are sent out each October with payment due by December 31st.  Payments made after that date accrue interest charges at the rate of 8% per month.  Foreclosure proceedings begin on properties when payment has not been made after the 2nd year.

It is important to keep Tierra Grande informed of changes of address or changes in ownership.

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