Member Benefits

Definition of a Tierra Grande Member: Person or Entity that is the owner of a “FEE” or “living lot” AND who is subject to present assessment by the corporation shall be a member. Members shall be entitled to one (1) vote for each lot they own. In a case where there are multiple owners – only one (1) vote may be cast.

Member Benefits Brochure (PDF)

A member’s rights, including but not limited to the right to vote, may be suspended by resolution of the Board of Directors among other things – if the owner fails to pay the assessment.

Resolution / Suspension of Membership Rights (PDF)

Board of Directors – The Tierra Grande Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to govern Tierra Grande in accordance with its governing documents. The Board works diligently to promote, develop and protect the common good of its members. All Board meetings are open to the public.

Board Covenant Supervision / Architectural Control Committee – Many people choose to live in Tierra Grande because of the restrictive covenants. Covenants include:

  • Residential lots are to be used only for single family site-built residential purposes (No mobile, manufactured homes)
  • Only one (1) residence per lot is allowed
  • The area under the roof of a single family site built dwelling, including porches and garages, must be 2,000 sq. ft. or more
  • No zone changes from the Rural Residential zone designation
  • No commercial purposes other than business use operated by people occupying the residence which retains the rural residential zoning
  • No offensive activity, condition, or pollution which may become a nuisance
  • No lot can be less than five (5) acres

TGIA Office/Information Center – The Tierra Grande Association office distributes information about Tierra Grande and the region through its website and Administrative Office.

The Administrative Office averages:

  • 800 visitors a year
  • Over 3,500 calls and e-mails each year
  • In addition staff mail or distribute thousands of statements, newsletters and hundreds of information packets annually

Historical Documentation of Property Ownership – TGIA staff work diligently to double check records and make sure that deeds are recorded by the appropriate County prior to changing information in our records to assure that property ownership is protected.

Newsletter – The Tierra Grande “Tails N Trails” Newsletter is published three (3) times per year and mailed to all members who are paid to date on fees/assessments.

Newsletter Archive (LINK)

Land Conservancy – Tierra Grande and members – own over 14,000 acres of pristine Open Space (mountain) property that is being conserved, which does NOT permit hunting or trapping. Much of that acreage borders on the majestic Manzano Mountains part of the Cibola National Forest.

Without the Tierra Grande Association – The Open Space (mountain) property, Abo Arroyo, and Black Butte, currently protected by Tierra Grande Board supervision, could be destroyed by poachers and vandals. Our rural residential lots would be split to less than five acres, mobile homes would abound, and no entity would be available to enforce the protective covenants.

Roads – Tierra Grande does NOT maintain any roads nor does the Association have the funds to do so.
Valencia County Public Works maintains the primary roads in the Valencia County portion of Tierra Grande along with most roads on which there are homes. Approximately every 8 weeks, Valencia County Public Works grades roads for which requests have been placed. Valencia County will NOT maintain any road on which there are no homes.
Socorro County will NOT maintain any roads. It is the landowner’s responsibility to grade access to their property. For the roads that are not maintained, a grant from the Association may be available to help offset that cost to the owner.