The following are updates about Tierra Grande:

At least one resident has received a call from a company calming to be affiliated with TGIA. The company claimed the individual’s property was behind on assessment and property taxes and then made an offer to buy the property. Please note:

  1. TGIA will not make offers to buy your property.
  2. If you receive such an offer contact us with any questions.
  3. Links to county tax assessors to check on status of property tax
    1. Socorro county: Enter EagleWeb (socorrocountytreasurer.com)
    2. Valencia county: Tax Account Search (valencia.nm.us)

TIERRA GRANDE – PROPOSED – Fire Station, Community Center, Officer
Attached are architectural drawings of the proposed Tierra Grande Fire Station, Community Center and Office to be located at 19 Estada Drive in the middle of the Tierra Grande Community.  Also attached is a map showing the location of the facility and the preliminary site plan layout.  We hope to develop the rear of the property for community and member usage such as a community garden, walking trail, and hopefully a gazebo with picnic tables / benches.  Once fully operational this fire station will cover a majority of the Tierra Grande community which will reduce the cost of homeowners insurance and we believe will help attract future development the area. Currently we are waiting for the State Fire Marshall to approve the site plan and a lease with the City of Rio Communities Fire Department who will operate the fire station.  We will keep you updated as efforts move forward.

Please see the link below for a chart / catalog of properties in Tierra Grande that are For Sale By Owner. This chart/catalog will be updated throughout the year to add, remove, update properties accordingly. If you are interested in purchasing any of these properties, please complete the “contact us” form. It is important that you specify the Unit, Block and Lot you are interested in. Tierra Grande will provide potential buyers with the owner’s contact information. If you have questions about the location of the lot or other related data prior to speaking with the owner, please feel free to contact Tierra Grande directly at 505-864-2345 or complete a contact form that can be found on the “Contact Us” tab.

Sue Moran, Administrator
Tierra Grande Association
PO Box 1388, Rio Communities, NM   87002-1388
Phone:  505-864-2345  Fax:  505-861-3903

Foreclosure Auctions Continuing
For information about upcoming foreclosure auctions, contact Tierra Grande at 505 864-2345 or write to TGIA at info@tierragrande.org.

Board of Directors Meetings
The Tierra Grande Association Board of Directors generally holds its meetings the fourth (4th) Wednesday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at the Administrative Office, 480 Rio Communities Blvd., Suite H, Belen, NM. All meetings are open meetings. If you plan on attending it would be helpful if you call ahead (505-864-2345) so seating can be arranged. Draft agenda will be available in the TGIA office 72 hours prior to the meeting. 

Annual Meeting (See “Member Meetings” tab for more information)

The Tierra Grande Annual Meeting is generally scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in July.

Dates are Subject to Change by the Board of Directors